Clockwise 1.3 Press release

We are pleased to announce that the new 1.3 version of Clockwise, a mac app for Mountain Lion and Mavericks, has just been released by ACT Productions and is now available on the Mac App Store since April 16th. Clockwise is a status bar utility app that enables users to have their mac perform certain actions at predefined times. If you’d like to review Clockwise we are happy to provide a promo code that you can redeem on the Mac App Store for a free download. Please reply to this email for the code.

An example is the best way to explain what Clockwise does and why it is useful. Imagine you have to wake up every day at a certain time but, rather than using a buzzing alarm clock, you want to do it with style: Clockwise can wake you up to the iTunes song of your choice. But of course you can also set different wake up times for the various days of the week, change the volume of your mac before the song starts, and have the mac welcome you with a “Rise and Shine!” line… The power is unparalleled and the possibilities are endless.

Clockwise (v1.2 and v1.3) has been reviewed by various independent reviewers and so far every single one gave Clockwise a very positive review:

Mac App Store link: